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Retired and Happy ("Retraité et heureux")

In this third book, I discuss the theme of retirement and what makes it so rich.

Being retired and happy is not always the result of a long-considered decision or well-orchestrated planning, although these factors add value. Happiness in retirement is more the result of taking life as it comes, adopting winning strategies, taking the time to cultivate the pleasure of living and eliminating harmful elements.

In this book, you will :

  • Evaluate your degree of retirement readiness
  • Rethink your connections with your friends and family
  • Revisit your relationship, if you have a life partner
  • Go in search of what you love or what makes you happy
  • Learn new strategies
  • And more!

Retired and Happy also tackles the darker subjects linked to the end of life, and offers a path to serenity.

Retraité et heureux est à paraître aux Éditions ADA / El-Dorado.

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