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Living Alone

Solitude is a word many of us fear to consider. Yet, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, and solitude can if fact be filled with happiness, pleasure and the joy of living. The “happy-yet-alone” people who helped me write this book share a number of traits:

  • They feel respect and a healthy affection towards themselves.
  • They have a rich inner life and internal dialogue.
  • They possess genuine capacities for introspection
  • They’ve acquired exquisite self-knowledge

Through 27 games that can be completed directly in the book, I’m inviting you on a voyage of self-discovery.

Living Alone was written with all adults in mind, even those who do not live alone. Indeed, can we be lonelier than living alone… right next to someone else?

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Comment vivre seul est à paraître aux Éditions ADA / El-Dorado.

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