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The common thread of all my books is change. As inescapable as it is, it impacts all aspects of our lives. Change in our environment happens with or without our consent, essentially driven by new discoveries. As for personal change, our power is limited to those spheres we can influence:

  • Aging: we can age happily by exploiting the benefits of maturity, personal security and accumulated experience, or we can be miserable and beget the condescending knowing looks of those around us. And the end result is ? You get invited or you get avoided…
  • Health: it’s a bit like an automobile; we can’t avoid all accidents, but proper upkeep will ensure a pleasant use of the vehicle over the full course of its intended lifetime.
  • Happiness: unlike the other two, it is incumbent upon us alone to effect the changes and adjustments that will allow us to find and nurture our own happiness. But for this, we need knowledge about:

    • Who we are
    • What we want
    • What our dreams are
    • How to fulfill them

The quest for ways to reach our goals is clearly more rewarding in terms of happiness than the eternal scrutiny of the past to explain the cause of our misery. Change is part of the process, and oftentimes, repositioning a semicolon can make all the difference.

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